Reciprocating Air Compressor Parts

Our Reciprocating air compressor parts are compatible with most of the popular compressor manufacturers. We supply standard compressor parts which use modern materials and technology to ensure effectiveness.

Reciprocating Air Compressor Parts


Worthington's feather valve design is the lightest, simplest, quietest compressor valve ever developed.

Piston Assemblies

Worthington’s pistons can be machined from either aluminum or cast iron

Piston Rods

Worthington materials can be used to make a piston rod stainless and carbon steels and k-model.

Piston Rod Packing and Wiper Rings

The packing for a compressor come in two styles, a soft braided set or a segmental full floating set.

Piston Rod Packing and Rider Rings

Piston and rider rings can be made to fit any size cylinder bore whether standard or oversized.

Crosshead Bushings

The yang to the crosshead pin, the bushing provides a buffer between the pin and the forged steel wall of the connecting rod.

Crosshead Pins

Crosshead pins are typically made from heat treated steel to strength to deal with the constant stress applied during operation.


Worthington bearings used in a compressor frame, main and connecting rod bearings.

Crossheads and Crosshead Shoes

Worthington’s crossheads are made from cast iron, nodular iron or cast steel for maximum strength.


Worthington gaskets are the glue that prevents the compressor from unwanted leaks.

Oil Pumps and Lubricators

Lubrication is critical to the performance of your compressor.


Worthington crankshafts are made from steel forgings to provide maximum strength. All diameters are precision ground to size.

Ancillary Products

Pressure Switches, Check valves, Relief valves, Solenoid valves, fans and filters are a few of the ancillary products used in conjunction with Worthington’s air compressors.

Connecting Rods

Worthington conn rods are made from forgings and castings out of steel and cast iron.

Aftercoolers and Intercoolers

Worthington aftercoolers and intercoolers are built with a cast iron shell and a replaceable ASME tube bundle assembly.

Frames and Components

Worthington compressors were assembled with precision engineered components throughout. It all starts with the heavy duty frame.

Cylinder and Cylinder Heads

Worthington cylinders are cast with integral water jackets to provide generous cooling area both in the cylinder and the cylinder head.