Chemical, fertilizer and other petrochemical facilities, though similar to the oil and gas industry, are more specialized due to the nature of specific chemical processes and corresponding safety requirements.

Worthington Compressor knows that one of the keys to ensure this integrity is to properly maintain compressors as they are the main utility for the process.


Worthington Compressor is an expert at providing field service for you plant to maintain its integrity towards timely client deadlines.

When compressor repairs or replacements are required, we will ensure full system integrity given the specific chemical process. A typical Worthington Compressor in this industry is our BDC. This unit is one of the largest air and gas compressors with many different options to complete a full line. All of these parts are still available and can be supplied for any compressor in operation.

With an understanding of your market dynamics and uptime requirements, Worthington Compressor can ensure your shutdowns are executed with extreme precision.