Worthington Compressor

Supplying industrial compressors since before the turn of the last century

 Today, we offer the complete line of spare parts for all Worthington compressors to keep these units running reliably and efficiently for years to come. We cover the gamut, whether you have a large, multi-stage, water-cooled reciprocating compressor (up to 3000 hp), or a single stage, air-cooled recip, (down to 25 hp). Read more »


Products & Services

Rebuilt Compressors

We’ll perform a complete disassembly of the compressor, inspect all parts, recommend genuine Worthington replacement parts and repairs, and provide a firm priced proposal to implement our recommendations.

Genuine Parts

Our full spectrum of parts ranges from filters and oil, all the way to the pistons that drive your compressor - literally anything your compressor may need.

Refurbishing and Re-Certifying

With spare capacity, or a rental compressor, you can send us your Worthington compressor for a complete evaluation.

Preventive Maintenance Services

Our service technicians are trained and experienced in providing customers with exceptional and cost-effective solutions for compressor maintenance issues.

Compressor Repair

We can provide spare assemblies that enable us to return your machine to original performance in as little as 3-4 days.