Worthington today offers a complete line of spare parts to keep your units running efficiently and reliably. Whether you have a large, multi-stage, water-cooled reciprocating compressor, or a single stage, air-cooled recip, we have you covered.

Genuine OEM Parts

We house a full spectrum of parts ranging from filters and oil, to the pistons that drive your compressor.

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Worthington Genuine Lubricants

Our premium quality, industrial-grade Worthington branded oils are integrally designed to provide expert cleaning and lubrication that suits the key requirements of not only Worthington compressors, but all of today’s air compressors and heavy duty machinery. Worthington takes pride in offering the finest selection of compressor oils, degreasers, and descalers that are guaranteed environment-friendly, energy efficient, as well as cost-effective.


Refurbishing & Re-certifying

We'll perform a certified inspection, either onsite or in our shop, to recommend replacement parts and repairs to keep your machine running effectively.

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Compressor Repair

With spare capacity, or a rental compressor, you can send us your Worthington compressor for a complete evaluation.

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Rebuilt Compressors On Sale

Check regularly for the rebuilt compressors the Worthington team has refurbished and are now on sale. We certify our work and guarantee every compressor has undergone our quality review.

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Preventative Maintenance

Regular maintenance on your compressors is the only way to ensure quality output from your machine. We can provide experienced technicians to regularly service your the needs of your compressor.

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Aftermarket Parts

Worthington is committed to serving all of your needs. That is why we offer products for the top compressors on the market besides our own. No matter the brand you can trust Worthington to deliver with integrity and quality.

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