Oil & Gas

Successful compressor maintenance is essential to eliminate forced outages throughout a given operational cycle.

Worthington Compressor is a leader in these events. Built on preparing for maintenance, special project, and/or unplanned events, Worthington Compressor is able to fully lead and execute your compressor work ensuring full compliance with industry safety and quality requirements.


Shaking forces and couples are a big consideration in the gas field units.

Worthington designed the SLHC engine to be capable of any and all forces that may occur during their never ending operation. Along with supplying compressor services for the SLHC, Worthington Compressor can maintain and deliver OEM or newly fashioned parts for most your units.


Worthington Compressor understands your market dynamics and knows that getting the most between scheduled shutdowns is key to continually meeting strict deadlines and controlling your client’s perception.

We will be your turnaround experts that will keep your equipment in check.