Power Generation

In the Power Generation Industry, uptime is critical, espcially in the peak summer months.

Compressors in power plants need to operate dependably and efficiently around the clock 24 hours per day. 


Worthington Compressor has helped maintain the industry’s reliability through equipment installations, equipment rigging, machinery moving, emergency machine repair service, and outage services. 



Our team understands the urgency and limited time during a planned shutdown. We hold the experience and skills to meet even the strictest deadlines.

At Worthington Compressor, we are experts in power generation equipment repair, providing new, used and refurbished equipment, and we excel in heavy equipment rigging, machinery moving, and machinery installations. Your goals are our goals. We want to partner with your plants globally, to develop safe, reliable, cost effective solutions. Our Ultimate goal is to be on call for you during any downtime to solve and provide preventive consolations. 

With an extensive 170 year history, we are more than prepared to keep your products reliable and quality efficient.