Air Compressor Aftercoolers and Intercoolers

Worthington aftercoolers and intercoolers are built with a cast iron shell and a replaceable ASME tube bundle assembly.

Intercooler is built with a multi-pass shell and tube with non-corroding baffles that direct air flow to assure maximum contact between water-filled tubes and hot air. The cast iron shell is coated with special rust preventive and the tubes are made from an admiralty metal to help maintain the highest efficiency. Tube nest are removable for exterior cleaning of the tubes. Where the intercooler is used to cool between cylinders on multi-stage compressor the aftercooler does the same cooling the air from the compressor discharge before it travels to the air receiver.

Part Number Product Category
250052A9A Genuine Worthington Cooler Packing Aftercoolers and Intercoolers

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