Teardown And Inspection

To keep your unit at its peak full efficient we can perform a complete disassembly of the compressor, inspect all parts, recommend genuine Worthington replacement parts and repairs, and provide a detailed assessment of how your unit is performing and what it needs to be at full capacity.

With a rental compressor, spare capacity or with timing of a shutdown, we can coordinate when your compressor can be in our hands receiving an annual checkup. This teardown and Inspection will provide generous detail on your compressors performance.

An assessment report completed by our Worthington consultant details the expected performance and where your compressor has been running. The goal of this inspection is to catch problems before they create havoc and shut you down.

Think of this full inspection as preventative maintenance that gives you peace of mind of your plant's performance.


If the inspections shows nothing wrong everything will be cleaned up and readied for another years’ worth of grind. If a problem exists, you will receive a guide on what we think is the best solution. If you choose our solutions we will commence with OEM Worthington parts to fix the lingering problem. Once completed, your machine will be fully refreshed and back in your plant to continue on.

Work smart - Be informed - Rely on our experts.