Preventative Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the only way to ensure your compressor's efficiency and lifespan. Worthington keeps your equipment running smoothly to save you time, money and trouble.

Like your car, any compressor needs maintenance to keep its performance in check. Worthington has an expert maintenance team to keep your machine in check with the hours of performance schedule that each type of compressor has.

We devloped an exclusive troubleshooting chart our technicians follow to quickly find and solve any compressor's problem. 

Different maintenance schedules are required for centrifugal, reciprocal and rotary compressors. We develop yearly plans based on your machine needs. This plan ensures your operation runs trouble free.  

Planned periodic inspections should be made of the running gear in the frame and elements to be assessed from a Worthington Compressor consultant. The key to this monthly visit is to avoid failure and lengthy shut downs due to wear and tear that may have been prevented. Simply checking the oil every month can gage the machines progress and give clues to how the unit is operating.

After a preventative maintenance program is established, a complete overhaul of the unit and its elements should be scheduled into the yearly plan. At such time, Worthington would like all elements to be removed from the unit, thoroughly inspected, repaired or replaced, and the unit placed in the best operating conducting for continues operation.

Worthington recommends, based on your compress, a list of spare parts to be held on hand at all times. We can provide you with these products to help reduce shut downs due to ware and tare that may have been prevented. We always believe in a streamlined efficient process.

Make us your go-to maintenance serviceman. We offer our experience with the highest integrity and guarantee that throughout the year Worthington Compressor will strive to continue the life of your compressor.