John O' Connor

About John O' Connor

John entered the industrial world in 1978, going to work for the John Crane Packing Company under the mechanical seal division. Working in the seal repair department gave him an early gateway into the rotary equipment troubleshooting arena. When seals were broken down John was relied on to perform a diagnosis based on the physical condition of the components. Chemical attack and wear patterns gave excellent indications of the operating conditions of various pumps, mixers and compressors. John’s early success helped carve a path toward industrial consulting in the pumps industry.

Crane was an excellent springboard to the outside sales world, and in 1982, John left to work as a field sales person for a Garlock distributorship, calling on all sorts of industries including power generation (Southern Company / TVA / Duke Power etc ) chemicals/ food processing and municipalities to name a few. Covering the Southeast for Garlock lead to a job offer from the Worthington Pump Group. John jumped into the centrifugal pump world as an outside sales rep covering a majority of the Southeast with the same industries while becoming adept at pumping systems and practical applications.

While he was promoting Worthington Pumps, an ex-Worthington Compressor sales rep was crafting the idea of establishing a company that manufactured OEM Worthington Compressor parts. Due to John’s reputation and accumulated experience with Worthington machines, John was invited to help push the newly formed Worthington Company into the limelight. 1987 marked this transition into a career in the compressed air world as John became an integral part of what would become the parent company of Worthington Compressor Division. The company grew exponentially and John was able to learn and contribute much to its success.

27 years later, John has been a mainstay for Worthington Compressor Services. As we go forward in our quest to complete your need for service/parts, remember that John, as the Worthington Pump Consultant, will be here for the next 27 years continuing to grow and spread his vast knowledge for you.

Call and put him to the test. Allow us to help your business by supporting you with the BEST compressed air system and components available, along with the knowledge and experience that only Worthington can offer.

It’s how we roll!!!