Laser Alignment

Worthington's Alignment Services devision saves its customers time and money.

Worthington's Alignment Services division saves its customers time and money with the use of our FARO Vantage 3D laser Tracker. You no longer have to rely on multiple vendors to install and align your machinery.

We can take care of an alignment inspection followed up with a personal 3D Cad Drawing with a complete detailed measurements and tolerances guide.

From this we can help develop key recommendation adjustments that Mid-American Machine can perform to enhance your lines efficiency.

FARO Vantage 3D laser Tracker


Our team has over 50 years of alignment experience to help decrease downtime and keep your production lines running smoothly. Our devices are shop-floor durable and extramely portable with accuracy up to .015mm(.0006 in). Because of this we engage with any and all industries.

We promise a tighter, more accurate alignment to ensure quality control.