Ingersoll Rand

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 IR has been trusted to deliver high quality machines much like Worthington. We will utilize our highly trained well rounded service engineers to deliver you’re a quality part for these IR Air-Cooled Compressors.


We supply parts for:


IR Water-Cooled Reciprocating CompressorIR Type 30IR Type 40
XLE 5T2NL 30T 25 L50A
ESH 7T 71T H25 75
ESV 7T2 71T2 L25 H75
PHE 7T4 231 40 L75
PRE 7V 234 H40 100
XLE-NL-2 10T 242 L40 H100
ESH-NL 10T2 253 50 L100
ESV-NL 10T3NL 255 H50 125
ER 15T 2340 L50 H125
ES 15T2 2475    
  15T4 2540    
  20T 2545    
  20T2 3000