Field Services

Worthington Compressors adds value to your plant by maintaining units for top performance. Nothing leaves our door without receiving a specified quality review.

We provide Factory Trained Technicians that have a combined level of experience of over 100+ years. Our technicians are provided with the equipment and training to handle your field service needs.

Plant Maintenance & Repair Services


If your maintenance staff wears thin, trust Worthington Compressor to step in and become one with your maintenance team. By providing experienced Worthington maintenance consultants/technicians onsite at your location, we can continually guard against unwanted maintenance shutdowns.

Our core group can be on an as-needed or full-time basis. Our versatility allows us to respond 24/7 with the right people and the right equipment to help with even your toughest situations.

 Emergency Breakdown
& Repairs
 Small Modification
 Major Shutdown

Machinery Moving, Rigging & Installations


The skilled crews at Worthington Compressor have rigged and moved heavy-duty equipment of any size. We specialize on heavy-duty manufacturing machinery moves and hold key deliverables in regards to getting the job done safely, and on time.

We have the experience, equipment and safety training to handle your moving needs.



Moving and Installation opportunities offered:

Industrial plant moves 
(from a single machine to an entire plant)
Disassembly and assembly of 
equipment and process systems
Equipment leveling and alignment
Installation of material handling equipment
 Complete turnkey services available
 Warehouse services available


Crane Service


Worthington has a vast array of cranes ready to operate at any time for your needs. Our experts are readily available to help review your needs and then offer the best solution on what equipment is best needed.


With a fleet of cranes that ranges from a compact 8.5-ton carry-deck for inside use to our 55-ton hydraulic truck crane with booms up to 185’ in length, we provide experienced, safe and reliable crane service.


Should you need a larger crane, we can tap into an extensive network of resources to meet your needs.



Packaging & Crating


Worthington can handle every aspect of your packaging and crating needs. From domestic, to overseas shipping, we promise to handle with care. We are certified for packaging export shipments by the International Plant Protections Convention (IPPC).


Worthington has specially trained experts for use of polyethylene Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) film for packaging, to inhibit rust and eliminate the need for desiccants.



Offered services:

Unhook utilities and prep 
the machines for shipment
Provide transportation
Package machines for 
domestic or export shipping
Build and place the machine 
on skids or crates
 Load and unload the shipment

Alignment Services


Worthington’s Alignment Services division saves its customers time and money with the use of our FARO Vantage 3D laser Tracker. You no longer have to rely on multiple vendors to install and align your machinery.


We can take care of an alignment inspection followed up with a personal 3D Cad Drawing with a complete detailed measurements and tolerances guide. From this we can help develop key recommendation adjustments that Mid-American Machine can perform to enhance your lines efficiency.


Our team has over 50 years of alignment experience to help decrease downtime and keep your production lines running smoothly. Our devices are shop-floor durable and extremely portable with accuracy up to .015mm (.0006 in). Because of this we engage with any and all industries. We promise a tighter, more accurate alignment to ensure quality control.