Compressor Repair

Worthington Compressor provides reliable and cost-effective compressor repair services. If your air system seems to be consistently underperforming, we can restore it to like-new condition. When your compressor is in a critical application, and you can't afford weeks of downtime for a major rebuild, we can provide spare assemblies that enable us to return your machine to original performance.

When your compressor is running ineffectively, or worse shutdown, please utilize our trained Worthington Compressor Consultants for they are always on call. They will work onsite or you can send your machine to our plant to be evaluated. These experts have over 100+ years of combined experience to determine the problem quickly.

  1. After inspecting your unit you will be given a detailed analysis of your compressor’s situation.
  2. Based on the assessment from the Compressor Expert, we will inform you if the unit needs to be sent to our facilities or if it can be repaired onsite.
  3. If it needs to be sent to our facilities, our packing and shipping division will be dispatched to prep the compressor and have it ready to be shipped by are moving specialists.
  4. If cranes or any heavy equipment is needed, our field service units will be notified.

Included in the analysis will be a detailed list of all repairs or new parts needed to be implemented to get your machine up and running. Competitive pricing will be listed based on the amount of hours, parts needed, and work to be performed towards your machine.

Based on the compressor’s life span, you will be given the option to overhaul your compressor into a brand new rebuild. This will also include simple preventative maintenance services that will be offered at a discounted rate.


Once given the OK, we will implement our plan and have your compressor completed on schedule safely, and efficiently.