Industrial Air Compressor Controls

The ability track real time data while hosting historical trending information will allow Worthington the ability to understand your compressor and collect hard data such as Energy used, flow production, and track running hours.

Worthington offers this reliable service through our sister company National Compressor Services, LLC. NCS offers an immense section of controls systems that will give you the ability to track and understand your machine.


Not only does this allow you to see crucial reports, it gives you the chance to command the module from your desk. If a problem arises, we will be on the call immediately. This feature shortens the downtown and will increase the reliability you have towards the compressor.




Worthington and NCS have patterned to release a Retrofitting control that can be easily installed into most compressors.


Our unit is user friendly with an easy interface for you to understand and quickly gain valuable information. These kits are designed to be drop in ready in-place of your existing controller. The complete swap can be done within an 8-hour time period.


Our controller will allow you to be networked into multiple compressors giving you complete control of the energy used in your plant. The history built up from the real time data collection will allow a Worthington Consultant to thoroughly investigate the compressor at any given time.


To better serve you, Worthington offers our Elite Preventative Maintenance Service Package. This annual package includes monthly Worthington consultant visits to go over any analysis received from the included Compressor Controller and monitoring with in the package.