Worthington Compressor Challenge

The quest for the oldest running
Worthington Compressor is on.

If you think you own the oldest running Worthington air compressor equipment and managed to keep your old machine operational for a decade or more, then this challenge is for you!

Worthington Compressor Services invites all industrial engineers, equipment technicians, and site maintenance specialists to join the ultimate Worthington Compressor Challenge. Be the envy of your peers as you get to be recognized as the owner of today’s longest functional machine from one of the industry’s most seasoned compressor machinery providers since 1840.

Contest Mechanics

Submit a photo or video (preferably video) entry of your old and fully operational Worthington Compressor. Each submission must include the following:

  • Full personal and company details
    Name of Participant, Job Title, Company Name, Job Location, Contact Number.
  • Serial number and date of manufacturing of your old Worthington compressor unit/model
  • History of industrial applications it was used for
  • Specific industry/industries where the compressor unit has been used

As you get to have all the bragging rights for having excellent maintenance team and repair solutions expertise, each photo entry or video submission featuring the Worthington Compressor in operation in your facility will also get to receive a free Worthington golf shirt.

Show us what you got and let the Worthington Compressor Challenge begin!