3rd Party Services

Due to the expertise our team has crafted over the many years of working in various industries, Worthington holds an extensive background in all things compressors including all top brands of machines.

Your Compressor is a source of many services that keeps your plant functioning properly. We consider it to be a part of your plants utilities. Any top brand compressors is open for our knowledgeable technicians to service.

We support:

  • Ingersoll Rand
  • Joy
  • Gardner Denver
  • Along with any other brand of compressor you may have.
Ingersoll RandJoyGardner Denver

We treat all compressor as if they were our own. Our goal is to keep your plants equipment functioning fully with minimal downtime.

We offer:

  • Refurbishing used equipment to its original factory precision and looks
  • Compressor repair from using our aftermarket parts that will keep your machine running
  • Any Worthington Field expert’s assistance to help come and inspect your compressor
  • An immense network of family companies from our parent brand Industrial Service Solutions (ISS)
(This network allows us to utilize the experience other companies has when working with other top branded compressors in the current market.)

Worthington Compressors will always support your plant with integrity and quality when working with any machine. The only goal is to keep your plant up and running efficiently.